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My Story

Ritu Grover is the Founder and Chairperson of TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading Lifestyle and Facility Management company servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s Pan India locations.

Ritu was also a board/advisory member of Cherry Hill Interiors Ltd.

Ritu is a highly sought-after public speaker, an author of her upcoming book “Thank God It’s Monday”, as well as a prolific angel investor with early investments in various companies.

Ritu has been a jury and guest lecturer with ISB, Delhi University, Amity University and IP University for many years now. She actively mentors students and business owners across India.

Ritu’s dad served in the Indian army, which meant that when duty called, he had to get going at once. These strong values of punctuality, discipline, respect for work and the passion to do something extraordinary were instilled in her from the very beginning. She has lived with her family members across the country wherever her dad was transferred. She often calls herself an “army brat” having studied in various schools, had lovely teachers and made friends of all castes and creeds throughout her school life.

From her early years, she was exposed to travelling, photography, hiking, swimming, lawn tennis, golf and driving. At age 10, she was the athletic champion of her school representing and winning for the schools represented, many trophies and eventually represented her state in both 100mtrs and 400mtrs sprints. School years went by like a breeze, and as school was about to get over, she decided to study Interior Design and Architecture, which she eventually did and scored the highest in her batch of 1988.

On the last day of college, Ritu had already started her career as an Interior Designer and the next 10 years were spent designing banks, farmhouses, hotels and corporate offices. Everything was going as planned and subsequently, she married and two years later gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Work was going on as usual when Ritu decided to diversify into an altogether nascent industry called “Facility Management”. Initially, it was not easy to convince her clients of the need to outsource their facility requirements, but when the clients started realizing the need, they just hopped in and today they have a whopping figure of over 350 clients Pan India.

Every story does not have a happy ending. Somewhere in 2004, this happy story started taking a U-turn, when Ritu realized that the differences between her and her husband were growing and eventually in 2006 they parted ways. In the blink of an eye, everything was gone.

During this time, started one of the longest periods of depression and it surely was not easy to recover from. What helped in these dark moments were her strong upbringing, her daughter and the biggest support of Ritu’s life, her mother. She nearly decided to give it all up, when her mother’s words rang in her ears, “Never look back” and “Get Up and Get Going”.

That was it! Though it took a few months to recover, after that it has never to look back. Brick by brick, she rebuilt the empire that had started crumbling in the last few years. Ritu started working day and night, invested in herself, did numerous courses, and travelled across the world to attend seminars, exhibitions and teachings by world gurus. She is a firm believer that only a coach can identify your individual strengths and develop opportunities and today, she has a coach for nearly all facets of her life.

Just 10 years later, in 2019, her company now includes hundreds of employees, servicing clients such as PepsiCo, GE, DELL, KPMG, PwC, McKinsey, Deloitte, HP, Alstom, HSBC, AMEX and many more. She regularly gets invited to deliver keynote speeches and actively mentors businesses to be saleable and scaleable.

Ritu’s life ambition is to make her parents proud and beyond a certain age do selfless work.

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