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See Clearly, Live Powerfully while improving workplace productivity. Ritu offers a professional bounce board to keep you sharp, playing your best game and empowers you to better understand yourself. 

Sometimes, when you are too close to something, you can develop blind spots. With this book full of Ritu's experiences, you will always have an objective point of view, and the ability to quickly identify problem areas that maybe you could not see. She offers solutions and strategies you might not have considered and pushes you out of your comfort zone so you can take your business to the next level.

Make your business sizeable and scalable.


Master of her own field.

Ritu’s dad served in the Indian army, which meant that when duty called, he had to get going at once. These strong values of punctuality, discipline, respect for work and the passion to do something extraordinary were instilled in her from the very beginning. She has lived with her family members across the country wherever her dad was transferred.

She often calls herself an “army brat” having studied in various schools, had lovely teachers and made friends of all castes and creeds throughout her school life.

From her early years, she was exposed to travelling, photography, hiking, swimming, lawn tennis, golf and driving. At age 10, she was the athletic champion of her school representing and winning many trophies and eventually representing her state in both 100mtrs and 400 meters sprints.


School years went by like a breeze, and as school was about to get over, she decided to study Interior Design and Architecture, which she eventually did and scored the highest in her batch of 1988.

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Thank God It's Monday

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Make A Difference

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Namrita Chandi

Sales Manager | AIRBUS

It has been a pleasure for me to attend the workshop and I could make out that Ritu is such a power-packed woman, a woman of substance. She has tons of experience and she genuinely wants entrepreneurs to 10X their productivity. I strongly recommend every entrepreneur to attend her seminars.


Sohan Singh

CEO | WebTiger Technologies

Ritu's knowledge, skills and level of professionalism is outstanding. She designs the learning program and products in an exceptionally high standard. The stress she places on ROl means that the solutions provided by her are focused and measurable. It's been fantastic learning from her!


Amit Sangwan

Senior Manager | TCS

It was amazing. I had this question for quite a long time - how to increase our productivity. I never had an answer and trust me, I attended this and I have never seen this kind of content and training. Everything which she is telling is unique you do not see anywhere in the market.

I suggest every professional who is working should definitely attend this program. Thanks a lot, Ritu for this.


Chrissy Tasker

Managing Director |

JLC Property Group Ltd. Singapore

I am from Singapore. I have worked with Ritu, she is an amazing strategy coach and ever since we are with her, our company has increased the production 10X.


Ashootosh Kant

Managing Director |
One Card Solution Pvt. Ltd.

I am an entrepreneur, software solutions strategist, managing my company for the last 18 years. I have attended complete one day workshop conducted by Ritu. She is an amazing coach, there a lot of takeaways from the workshop. I am sure if we implement what she has taught, productivity is sure to increase. Throughout the workshop, people were motivated and there were lots of exercises during the day. She made us realise what we were missing out in our business. She emphasised about having more connectivity with the employees. I highly recommend all the entrepreneurs to attend Ritu's amazing workshop.

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