Charlie and the chocolate factory showed us that when Mr. Bucket’s company employed machines,
he was bound to lose his job because his need for the company reduced to the size of a candy. This
video may incline more towards manpower because India is a country bearing a population of more
than a billion people and god forbid, if half the organisations, companies employingmore than a half

of these billion people all over the country, border their minds toward technology, we all know what
would happen then. Manpower dares to experiment and innovate and further manoeuvers into
achieving personal and organisational goals.
It is not a closeted thing that we are living in a world which is technology driven and it has played
supremely in building the civilisation. It has provided humans with a sense of comfort through
gadgets, appliances and also has improved the productivity of an individual and not only this but
through science and tech, most of the life-threatening diseases have found their cures and are
treatable to a chief level. But there is no way machines could ever replace workforce completely,
yes, technology contributes generously to the progress of mankind but it needs technical expertise,
hence, needing a skilled workforce in accordance with the same. But 50 years from now imagine a
computer sitting at your desk and telling you to take notes and what to do, sounds uncanny, right?
Technology is taking over the world and this is the harsh truth and soon, not the exact scenario but
something like that will be the reality. Then robots could do everything – farming, manufacturing
etc.; there are not much ways to stop this but a certain way is that we people upskill ourselves.

Human skills’ rivalling to that of technology, only then we can imagine the world from being taken
over.A country is appreciated, criticised and assessed on the basis of its technological development but
how skilled and employed its manpower and workforce is, dominates as it all connects back to the
risk-taking behaviour of individuals behind. Although technology is a vital factor in building and
supporting a nation, it should be seen as a factor that compliments mankind and not mankind’s

substitute because there is no way mankind could ever be replaced. Technology is the future and the
only way to put a stop from its conquering over humans is to match our level up to the tech world.
There are no truer words that have been said by anyone but Confucius that, ‘If you think in terms of a
year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.’