TGH NRI MANAGEMENT SERVICES recognizes the role that is played by the NRI’s in keeping the nation together and building it, the genuine contributions that are made by them command the honor and respect from people all over the nation.

We understand when a NRI needs assistance, they are looking for superior quality of the service and the authenticity of it. At TGH we understand and that is exactly what we provide, the best in world services always keeping our clients first. It is hard getting tasks at hand done in the country when you are a thousand miles away, we not only complete your tasks by going an extra mile but also provide you with that peace of mind that tells you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your house knowing you are in good hands.

Degree certificates

When a person wants to apply for higher studies abroad or say, for a job application, she/he would need something called a Degree certificate which is a very important document considering it validates her/him to apply for the things mentioned above, as it acts as a proof that you have received some sort of specific education or have passed a particular series of exams. It is procured by the particular institution, a college or a university, from where the specific degree has been received.

Mark Transcripts

Mark transcripts works as an evidence for undertaking certain exams, they are basically a stash of all the exams taken and are kept with the institutions. They are often issued and used at the universities and they often require sealed ones for higher education. At TGH, we understand the criticality of the situation and our team of concierge experts spares no effort to ensure that even though we have to visit the university multiple times, we ensure that work happens with speed.

So whatever be the errand or the task you can think of that needs to be taken care in India…just leave it to TGH Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd.