Entrepreneurship Should Be Taught At School and College Levels

Entrepreneurship is best described as an activity of setting up a business and taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

One would wonder if entrepreneurs are born or made, this is something which is always under the debate highlights. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs are all supremely successful entrepreneurs and without college degrees. This lands us on thoughts like if entrepreneurship is even needed as a subject at all. However, by thinking this we are practically hoping for nature to produce more prodigies like them to keep the economy of our nation fueled.
It is also a glaring irony that we idolize great figures, and constantly pressure our youth to be like them but insist on following through with an education system that is designed to set them in a complete 180 degree direction, towards different careers and even more significantly, towards employment. 

Entrepreneurship education equips students to seek out problem-solving opportunities, empathize with others, think creatively, take risks, accept failure as part of the growth process, and appreciate the correlation between hard work and success.
In today’s era of rapid growth and the growing importance of the digital media, has created numerous opportunities for the younger generation in terms of employment. Entrepreneurship has become a widely discussed word of the decade. Off late, courses based on entrepreneurship have been launched in various colleges and schools to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Many students spend their entire life dreaming about starting their own venture. As a business owner, it’s always wise to have a required set of skills and knowledge. We all must be aware of the changes happening around us and schools must produce the doers, makers and cutting-edge thinkers that the world so desperately needs. Teaching entrepreneurship in schools will help us in instilling critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills in the students which will not only help them navigate their uncertain future but also succeed in life in the longer run. Practical knowledge given at that stage is of importance as it makes it easier for you to adjust to the real environment. Everyone believes that when you go to college you can learn how to be an entrepreneur. But entrepreneurship has no age limit; you can become an entrepreneur and come up with an idea, solution or a product even while you are in school. Schools that encourage entrepreneurship are likely to create thought leaders whose creativity is limitless.

Clearly, our governments need to revise their respective educational curricula, to include this critical skill into our future generation’s educational diet.