Are you aware of the #‘MOBIQUETTES’ or #mobile #phone etiquettes that you are required to follow in #corporates?

#Etiquettes are the guidelines basically helping a person to help find his place in the society. When you set your foot off into the ‘real’ world, that is, in the corporate world, there are certain etiquettes you are required to work your days with. And adhered to them are the #ethics that come with #mobile phones usage in your workplace.

Some of them are:

Always keep your cell phone in the silent or vibration mode at the work place. Loud ring tone disturb the employees who are around.

Don’t set #Bollywood songs or any informal sound as your ringtone, keep it a standard tone or else it may leave a bad impression on your clients and external parties who may call you.

Keep your mobiles switched off when you go off to attend important #meetings, #presentations or seminars. It is considered impolite to attend a call when you are accompanied by someone in a formal environment; if it is an emergency call, move out of the place to attend it after politely excusing yourself.

Always be polite while talking on the phone; never shout or use foul language.

#Greet the other party well. Start your conversation with a warm “Hello”. The way you talk matters a lot in verbal communication. The other party can’t see you; it’s your tone which makes the difference.

Never attend a phone call while you are chewing something or have something in your mouth. It is very important to keep your mind on the phone and concentrate. The intended #communication should also be crystal clear for a good impression.

It is advisable to keep related #documents handy. Don’t make the other person wait. Always keep a notepad and pen with you to jot down important points.

Make sure your mobile calls do not hamper your #productivity. Don’t go for long personal calls at #workplace. Be crisp and precise.

Avoid calling any of your clients or colleagues before 8 in the morning and after 8 in the evening. The other person might be busy with his family or friends and definitely would not pay attention to your #conversation.

Be #careful with your phone. Never leave it at other’s workstations. It would waste yours as well as your colleague’s time and most important – Do not to carry cell phone to restrooms.